Friday, March 5, 2010

A crafting trade - in which I definitely got the better side of the deal

I had a friend of mine make me some throw pillows for our couch.  She has a loom and weaves them herself and then sews up.  So flippin' cute and I am so amazed by her craftiness.  Anyway, she didn't really want me to pay for them but wanted me to make her a brag board of sorts for one of her little girls.  I instead made one for each of her two girls and she loved them.  I love when I can trade craftiness.  Enjoy the pics and here is a link to her weaving blog.  Go and check it out and you too will be amazed.


  1. I love those brag boards- what a cute idea!! Thanks for the nice comment!! I am now a follower!!

  2. She does AMAZING work! They look so good!!! And your boards for her turned out adorable! What a sweet trade!


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