Saturday, May 16, 2009

Exploding Box

I found this idea online while I was looking for a new simple craft to do. It seriously only took me an hour to make it - including cutting and putting the pics in. It will hold 12 - 20 pictures, its up to you. This one has 20 in it. I had all the supplies on hand - except for the ribbon. It takes 4 sheets of double sided cardstock or scrapbook paper and then whatever embellishments or pics you want to put in it. It is really easy to make.


  1. I'm going to have to start some crafting once the boys go back to school or I'll go out of my mind. There are only so many books to be read!

  2. I want the instructions for this one. We'll see how crafty I really am!!

  3. You are good! I am sooo not crafty but totally wish I was! Then maybe I'd want to scrapbook.

  4. I tried one of these and it came out so cute. I'll post a pic. I've thought of a million reasons to use them for!


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