Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beaded watch bands and Spaghetti Sauce

This post is two craft/projects that I have done this past week. The first one is beaded watch bands. My SIL Andrea bought some of these and a watch face off a website (not sure which one) and my SIL Tonia ordered a watch face and then made her own. I took my cue from her because I figured I could do it cheaper myself and I was looking for an easy project to do. I ordered the watch face for like $6.00 and then bought the beads from Joanns. I have a couple more to make but here are the first two. They are so easy and it only took me like 15 minutes (or less) to make each one.

The next project I did yesterday - and it took all day I swear. I bottled spaghetti sauce. I actually got more than when I bottled the chili sauce so it was a success. I got 19 pints (21 if we hadn't have had spaghetti for dinner - the sauce smelled so good we just had to use some). It takes up a whole day but I love seeing the end product all bottled and ready to store away. I'm hoping to keep it up until the garden stops producing.


  1. those watches are adorable! your site is cute! if you ever want to do a blog swap or be featured on mine, email me!

  2. That's funny because this last weekend I've heard and seen so many of those watches. My SIL makes them and is going to show some of us. Cute.

  3. Very cute!! I just bought a watch band from my neighbor who makes them.
    The spaghetti sauce looks yummy!!!


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