Saturday, September 12, 2009

A discovery

I discovered the amazing abilities of Mod Podge today. I know it has been around FOREVER - but I haven't used it until today. I have seen this first idea on a couple of different sites - which I can't find right now so I can't insert a link. Anyway, this is such a quick, easy, inexpensive gift idea. I made this one as a Christmas gift and I took a picture before I had put the name on it across the ribbon (did that make sense?) just in case the recipient takes a gander at the blog. I decided to see what else I could do with Mod Podge so I came up with a recipe box - this is going as a bridal shower present along with an apron (which I haven't made yet). They both turned out so cute and I am sure I will be finding all sorts of cute things to do with Mod Podge now. If you are like me and haven't used it yet - give it a try.

Notebook purse

Recipe box side view

Recipe box top view


  1. Here's the link...

  2. I've use mod podge on those cardboard boxes that you can buy at walmart and put cute scrapbook paper on the outside. I put all my girls' hair bows and barrettes in them. I'm still discovering things I can do with this stuff!

  3. Those notebook purses are so cute! I love yours!!!


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