Monday, February 22, 2010

Inital plaque

I made this for my SIL's birthday yesterday.  It turned out so cute and she loved it!  Just a little sidenote - as I got out of the car to take it in to her, my husband was like "Do you really think she is actually going to hang that up?!" I was quite offended and so when I handed it to her I told her what he had said.  Her reply "Heck yes I'm going to hang it up.  I love it!"  I mean who wouldn't hang this up?


  1. Yeah, I'm for sure hanging it up, just not sure where. Tell him he can't comment on crafting and you won't comment on home construction. lol.

  2. Husbands are great. Chris said the same thing about the one I made my you think she'll use it? And then, maybe she thought the same thing when I gave it to her. hahaha. The next day she went to Tyrel and Jennas for something and saw that they had one on their front door and then I think it all made more sense to her!!
    Andrea's turned out super cute!

  3. I would totally hang it up! It's way cute! Tell Aaron to shut it :)


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