Friday, August 28, 2009

Bean Bags

After I made the bean bag to use with the hopscotch mat, I had to pry it out of Benjamin and Elli's fingers. They were having so much fun with such a simple toy. SO, I decided to make them all their own personalized bean bags because (1) I still had the embroidery machine out and because (2) if their names are on them there is MUCH less fighting. All I did, was take two coordinating pieces of felt, embroidered the name on one square, sewed three sides and then turned it right side out, filled it with some old beans that I found in my parents food storage room, handstitched the open side closed and DONE!


  1. Way cute! And such a great idea. It's always the little things that kids go nuts over.

  2. I've been interested in embroidery machines...I may have to ask you about them sometime. I love the beanbags!


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