Friday, August 21, 2009

A couple of things

I got this craft from my SIL Leslie's Super Saturday. They NEVER do super saturday here so I ordered a couple projects through her ward. I love this one. It was way easy too. I just painted the boards brown, added some cute scrapbook paper, and then nailed the sheet metal cut outs onto the board. It turned out really cute and I can hardly wait for our new house so I can hang it up somewhere.

A watch band for my mom

A padded camera strap for myself - I ordered one online a month ago and have yet to see hide nor hair of it. So, I gave up and decided to figure it on my own. I got some help from this site:

A sheet metal picture holder with homemade magnets - I got this one from my SIL Leslie's Super Saturday also. The wording was supposed to say : MEMORIES, but I didn't really like that so I had her change it to: A picture is worth a thousand words. Then I just put the vinyl on, made some cute little magnets (with Andrea's help) and added some pics and WALA!

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  1. Love all your latest projects! And I especially LOVE my camera strap. Thank you so much!!!!!!!


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