Friday, August 28, 2009

Quiet Book

I made this Quiet Book when I was pregnant with Jacob. I didn't really have a pattern - I kind of just made it up on my own as I went. I tried to remember some of the pages we had in the book my mom had made for me and my brothers when we were little. I haven't let the kids play with it much because (1) it took me FOREVER to make and (2) I let some older kids look at it at church one Sunday and they DESTROYED it (I had to redo a lot of things and some of them I can't fix). I'm trying to be better about it so my kids can actually enjoy it - afterall I did make it for them. I guess I will just have to let them look at it "under my supervision".

Title page

The apples are made of foam with velcro on the back

Beads on string sewn onto the page - this is one of the pages that got destroyed that I can't fix

Pocket full of letters

What you match the letters to

I just drew all the destinations freehand and then made a little car that is attached to a string that you drive on the roads

This one all the pieces come off of the clown face and then you remake it the way it is supposed to be

Pretty self explanitory

The flowers all come off and then you button them back on

Who doesn't enjoy a game of tic tac toe?

The game pieces are stored here

How to tell time

All of the shapes come off and then you match them up with the ones left on the page

A beehive - you open it up and it has some bees in it

My favorite page - the farmer and all animals are all velcroed on the back so you can remove them and play with them however you want to


  1. This is seriously incredible!!! I wouldn't let my kids touch it if I put all that work into it. I am so impressed. I really love it.

  2. My mom gave me a pattern to a quiet book similar to this. I absolutely love them! I haven't had the motivation to make it yet. Yours is so cute. I have been looking at these blogs that have page ideas...If I can find them again I'll give you the addresses. They had lots of ideas that were really cute.


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