Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My latest project.

I saw this fabric hopscotch online here: There were no instructions or anything so I had to figure it out on my own. I wasn't trying to copy this one exactly but I guess it worked out that way due to the available felt at the craft store I was at. I did add some of my own little elements - like the bean bag and pocket, the personalization, and the buttons and ribbon closure. I made it for my niece Jercie for Christmas from Kaden - hopefully she won't see it on here before then. It turned out way cuter than I imagined it would. It was kind of a pain to sew the number squares onto the fabric but it wasn't too hard to make at all and it didn't take that long to put the whole thing together.

Rolled up view

Up close view of personalization

Rolled out and ready to play

Up close view of beanbag and pocket

Up close view of numbers.


  1. This is so so so cute! I think my girls would absolutely LOVE this. I don't think I am patient or talented enough to make them one unfortuneately.... (sigh) Oh, to be as talented as you. ;)

  2. I was trying to look at the pictures on Facebook last night and she kept walking in on me. I finally had to tell her to go away so I could look. I will do my best to keep her from seeing it. :)

  3. this is so cute. Could you possibly give the measurements of the entire thing and of the squares? Is there any batting inside? And did you just free cut out the numbers or did you use a pattern from somewhere? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!! :)

  4. This would make such a great Christmas gift. My girls and my niece would love this! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow! Amazing idea! I am featuring this on

  6. Cool project, and a great Christmas present. My kids have been playing on the driveway, and might be really happy to see something like this around December.

  7. How cute and what a fun gift idea! Love it!


  8. oh my gosh this is soo stinken cute!! and my daughters name is jersey too!! (but spelt different!)


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